Dr. Noel A. Goldberg



                                  APA Accredited.  Doctorate in Clinical Psychology 12/2002; GPA 3.75

                                  Licensed in Virginia


                                  UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL

                                  Masters in Educational Psychology, 8/1997


                                             UNIVERSITY AT ALBANY, Albany, N.Y.

                                  Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 5/1993, GPA 3.4; Minor: Coaching


                                  STUDY ABROAD EXPERIENCE- Israel        

          · Intensive program covered various aspects of Jewish life: Israeli-Palestinian conflict, government and the election

             process, political system, refugee problem, and the

             history of Israel.


DISSERTATION    “How marriages change over time.” Chair: Dr. Glenn Shean, the College of William &              

                                   Mary: Consultant: Dr. David Olson, Life Innovations, and the University of Minnesota



EMPLOYMENT     Clinical Psychologist

9/02-P                             ·  Provided outpatient diagnosis and assessment of Veterans in the Primary Care Behavioral Health Clinic.   Volume of patients

                                             exceeds 150 patient’s per month. 

                                        · Provided psychotherapy treatment to the patients in the Partial Hospitalization Program, and psychological consultation to

                                            nursing, psychiatry, and social work staff.

                                        · Provided insight oriented psychotherapy groups with patients suffering various psychotic disorders, PTSD, Depressive

                                           disorders, substance abuse disorders (& dual diagnoses), Adjustment disorders, and Axis II diagnoses. 

                              ·  Completed compensation and pension evaluations for Veterans, and psychological testing when needed. 

                              · Provided individual and group outpatient psychotherapy with a variety of clients to include psychotic disorders, PTSD,

                                           Depressive disorders, Adjustment disorders, Grief issues, Marital and Couples therapy, Employee assistance, and Axis II


                              · Collected outcomes data leading to quality improvement and provided group  psycho-education  to patients. 

                              · Supervised interns and externs in psychotherapy and assessment.  

                              · Managed support staff    


INTERNSHIP         Albany Psychology Internship Consortium, Albany NY.               

8/01-8/02                     APA Accredited Internship

                              ·  Provided interviewing, intakes, and psychotherapy in a variety of settings including: inpatient, outpatient, the Veteran’s

                                             population, and crisis intervention & hospitalization.  This included short-term and long-term care, and individual, couple’s, &

                                             group therapy.

                                        · Worked in a psychiatric emergency room to assess psychological functioning of patients and was involved in hospitalization

                                             decision making for those at risk of hurting themselves or others w/i the context of a multidisciplinary team.         

                              · Spent a rotation on the intensive care inpatient psychiatric unit that dealt with a variety of disorders.  These included:

                                            borderline, bipolar, depressed, manic, psychotic, pedophiles, schizophrenic, sex offenders, and suicidal.  Involved in the

                                            management of patients through assessment, interviewing, psychotherapy, and multidisciplinary treatment teamwork.   

                              ·  Administered assessment techniques to assist in diagnostic and therapeutic decision making in a wide variety of inpatient and

                                             outpatient populations.  The techniques included objective and projective techniques not limited to the Rorschach (Exner

                                             system), Bender-Gestalt, TAT, WAIS-III, and MMPI-2. 

· Co-lead a variety of groups including a sexual offender group and a group on grieving that served older adults involved in the


                                        · Applied a variety of interventions to support, build, and improve interpersonal relationships and functioning within clients lives.

                                         · Supervised practicum students in therapy and assessment. 

                              · Undertook administrative tasks to develop specifics skills related to communication and functioning within cross-disciplines.

                                             This included all appropriate paperwork assigned to maintaining patient records.   Progress and process notes were also used

                                            during supervision.  Also worked with billing and insurance issues related to psychotherapy.

                              · Attended a variety of seminars focusing on the latest training techniques including Grand Rounds at Albany Medical School

                                            and implemented these new skills. 


PSYCHOLOGICAL  ELLIS HOSPITAL, Adult and Adolescent Units, Schenectady, NY.          

EXPERIENCE          Psychiatric Social Worker

7/01-9/01                        ·  Provided intensive short-term psychotherapy to a variety of patients in an inpatient setting.

                              ·  Led a variety of psychotherapy groups focusing on symptom management, coping, transitions, men’s issues, and transfer


                                        ·  Employed milieu therapy for various adolescents on an inpatient unit.

                              ·  Created treatment plans within a multidisciplinary team that valued incorporation from a variety of approaches and professions.     

                              ·  Performed discharge planning to reintegrate patients into the community at a variety of levels, from less intensive placements to

                                             independent living situations. 

                                        ·  Interacted with family members for treatment related concerns and discharge planning. 


                                  THE COLLEGE OF WILLIAM AND MARY, Counseling Center, Williamsburg, VA.                

                                   3rd Year Specialization

Fall 00-                           ·  Provided short and long term therapy to a variety of college students under a supervised clinician using a

Spring01                             Psychodynamic perspective.  Referrals to various community resources were also undertaken.  Client

                                             problems included: anxious, depressed, grieving, OCD, career counseling, sexual issues and orientation, in

                                             crisis, and grieving. 

                              ·  Applied a variety of interventions to support, build, and improve interpersonal relationships and functioning within clients


                                        · Co-lead a variety of groups including a perfectionist group, interpersonal issues group, and a group on grieving.                     



                                            VETERANS AFFAIRS MEDICAL CENTER Hampton, V.A.


Fall 99-                           ·  Provided short and long term therapy to a variety of clients under supervision using a Psychodynamic

Spring01                            perspective.  Referrals to various community resources were also undertaken.  The types of clients seen

                                           were: Dysthymia, Personality disorder, PTSD and Anxiety related disorders, and Major Depressive Disorder.  In addition, worked

                                           with a client who was dealing with the impact of cancer on their life.  The focus was on the exploration of mortality issues and the

                                           issue of integrity versus despair.

                                        ·  Co-led a reintegration group of PTSD Vietnam Veterans that dealt with interpersonal processes and feelings such as pain, anger,

                                             suicide, and relationship difficulties. 

                              ·  Applied a variety of interventions to support, build, and improve interpersonal relationships and functioning within clients



                                 PENDLETON CHILDREN’S SERVICES Virginia Beach, V.A.


Summer 00                     ·  Provided individual psychotherapy to behaviorally challenged children.  This included a variety of

                                            Developmental disorders and behavioral problems such as ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct

                                            Disorder, Sexual Abuse, Trauma, and Neglect victims, PTSD, and OCD.  The population focuses on concrete thinkers with

                                            emotional problems. 

                              ·  Provided Family therapy to a variety of clients with children enrolled in the outclient, day treatment or residential treatment


                ·  Led a Conflict Resolution Group for behaviorally troubled children aged 9 to 12

                ·  Received supervision and feedback from videotaped sessions to strengthen therapeutic skills and techniques. 




Summer 99                     ·  Assessed a variety of seriously mentally ill clients under supervision.  A variety of personality measures

                                            were employed on Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI), Schizophrenic, Bi-polar, Dysthymia,

                                            Personality disorder and Anxiety related disorders.           

                ·  While working at the oldest State Hospital in the Country, I participated in treatment team meetings, staff meetings, and client

                     admission interviews.  Chart reviews and compliance with mandated reporting criteria was also employed.       


                                             MARYVIEW BEHAVIORAL MEDICAL CENTER Portsmouth, VA.

     Spring 99                 Practicum                                                                 

                                       ·  Received supervised experience working with a variety of mentally ill and chemically dependent adults and children.  This

                                            included Schizophrenic, Bi-polar, Dysthymia, Personality disorders and Anxiety related disorders.           

                                    · Performed a variety of tasks focusing on Intellectual Assessment.  This included the WISC-III, WAIS-III,

                                    Shipley Hartford, and the Bender Gestalt.  Interpretations of data and written reports with treatment recommendations were

                                                generated.  Brief neurological screenings were also undertaken.  In addition, a team treatment approach was implemented to

                                                address patient needs.              


                                            VIRGINIA BEACH PSYCHIATRIC CENTER: Virginia Beach, VA.

Fall 98                                 Practicum                                                                  

                                        ·  Received supervised experience working with a variety of mentally ill and chemically dependent patients.

                                             This included Schizophrenic, Bi-polar, Dysthymia, Personality disorders and Anxiety disorders.           

                                · Performed a variety of tasks including Intake Diagnostic Interviews, General Interviewing, Mental Status            

                                Exams, Therapeutic Interventions, and the formation of  Treatment Plans.            


                                            WEDIKO CHILDRENS SERVICES: Hillsborough, NH

                                            Counselor, Full Time

6/96-9/96                        · Worked in a psycho-educational residential setting within a camp ground environment with behaviorally emotionally

                                            handicapped (BEH) youth, providing psychological guidance 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

·  Held individual & group counseling sessions, recreational events and life skills training.

·  Implemented behavioral management techniques used to increase self-awareness and empower individuals.

· Participated in a Team approach that enabled each team member to take on and succeed at various roles, and gain differing opinions and perspectives about attaining therapeutic objectives.

·  Crisis intervention implemented when necessary, including labeling feelings and emotions, increasing the

                                             Child’s awareness of their own behavior, and the use of caroling and physical restraints.


                                             TRANSITIONAL SERVICES: Hope House within Creedmoor Hospital, Flushing, NY

8/94-8/95                             Case Manager, Full Time

·  Managed 12 dual diagnosed, mentally ill/ mildly retarded individuals.

·  Held individual & group counseling sessions and documented progress notes.

·  Annual service plan write up with quarterly review of the progress toward goal attainment.

·  Supervised counselors and staff in teaching the following areas: Travel,    Budgeting, and Daily Living      Skills.

·  Dispense psychotropic medication and implement behavior modification when necessary.


                                             CHILDREN'S HOUSE INCORPORATED: The Family Center: Mineola, NY

2/95-8/95                             Respite Counselor

·  Provide relief to parents and caregivers of seriously emotionally disturbed (SED) children including    Attention Deficit Disorder

    (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

·  Aid in decreasing psychiatric symptoms and prevent psychiatric hospitalization through counseling.

·  Additionally added structure to their lives & was a visible role model.



1/94-4/94                             Head Counselor of Supported Group Apartments

·  Counsel mentally ill chemical abusing clients (MICA), help with various ADL tasks including housing and      employment.

·  Use crisis intervention skills during emergencies.



11/93 - 12/94                       Volunteer

·  Provided the following services: Information and Referral, Suicide Outreach, Gay Peer Counseling,      Runaway Assistance, an

    Adolescent Depression and Suicide Prevention Program, and Crisis Intervention.

·  Completed 160 hour internship/study session concerning counseling protocol.



                                                EXPERIENCE          Professor, Introduction to Psychology

                                                                Fall 96,                            · Prepared and lectured for a 3 hour General Psychology course, assigned classwork, created assessments,

                                                                Fall 97                                 graded research papers, scheduled guest lecturers, and assigned grades.

·  Other general classroom duties.


                                             UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA, Chapel Hill, N.C.

Spring 96                            Teaching Assistant for Exceptional Children's class

                                        ·   Helped teach and lead a large class in the School of Education on Learning Disabilities, Academically Gifted, and other Exceptional


·   Aided in the creation and grading of coursework, Midterms and Final Examinations.


                                             UNIVERSITY AT ALBANY, Albany N.Y.

Fall 92                                 Teaching Assistant for Weight Training

·  Train and teach proper ways of weight training, exercise, nutrition, and oversee proper health and the wellness of students.


RESEARCH            NORFOLK STATE UNIVERSITY, Psychology Department, Norfolk, VA. 

EXPERIENCE        Research Assistant                                                                                                                                                

Fall99-                             · Worked within a multicultural setting to research various areas in Social Psychology related to the Self and

Spring 00                            and Self-functioning

  · Various literature searches were compiled to support ongoing research. 

  · Began a research project collecting data with minority students focusing on Self-esteem and Positivity of Self-concept. 


                                             THE COLLEGE OF WILLIAM AND MARY, Psychology Department, Williamsburg, VA.      

                                  Research Assistant for Dr. John Nezlek                                                                                                                             

Fall98-                             · Managed a research project, including organizing subjects, data collection, and cleaning data for analysis. 

Spring 99                        · Aided manuscript preparation and development towards dissemination of our study results.

  · Various literature searches were compiled to support ongoing research. 


                                            CENTER FOR URBAN AFFAIRS & COMMUNITY SERVICES, NORTH CAROLINA STATE               

                                 UNIVERSITY, DHR, Willie M. Services Section, Program Evaluation Branch.   Raleigh, NC

10/97 to 8/98                      Research Associate, Level III, Full Time

   · Evaluated the impact services have on clients.  Program effectiveness was monitored and evaluated by creating data collection measurements and utilizing statistical analysis.  The resulting database consists of 500 participants and over 400 variables. 

  · Created a variety of dissemination products to be utilized for policy-making decisions. 

   · Developed a framework for addressing this unique population, supported by the Risk and Resiliency literature. 

   · Trained case managers in the data instrument usage, and presented outcome results to a variety of professionals within the community. 

   · Disseminated results to other professionals and submitted our research and conclusions to appropriate journals. 


                                             FRANK PORTER GRAHAM CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER Chapel Hill, NC

9/95-6/97                      Research Assistantship

  · Aided in the creation of a professional conference and all the inherent details.

                                           · Employed various research techniques and organizational strategies to aid in the   submission of

                                              Federal Grants for educational research.

  · Collected, Inputted, and Created statistical analysis of data collected from professional members of a conference and helped draw

       conclusions and disseminate this new information on Secondary Disabilities to     leaders in the field.


                                             ADHD PROGRAM, DUKE UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER Durham, NC

Spring 97                            Research Apprenticeship with Dr. C. K. Conners

·  Analyzed of existing multi-site, multi-trial clinical database of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disordered

                                             (ADHD) children.

·  Prepared manuscript resulting from these analyses and submitted to an appropriate journal.


                                             CENTER FOR STRESS AND ANXIETY DISORDERS Albany, N.Y.

Spring 93                            Independent Study with Dr. Edward Blanchard

·   Aided graduate students with clinical research, using computers for statistical

      computation and evaluation of subjects involved in the project.

·   Observed various patient therapy sessions.


OTHER WORK        Proudfoot Reports Incorporated  Glen Cove, N.Y.

12/93 - 8/94                         Administrative Assistant

·  Maintained telecommunications system, including 3 automated fax machines, mainframe computer using MS DOS, and laser

     printers.  Filing & ordering various confidential case records and criminal background investigations.  Additionally performed

     confidential security screening for nuclear power facilities using various telecommunication networks.


                                             Unlimited Marketing Systems  Babylon, N.Y.

5/91 - 11/92                         Manager of Books Sales Company

·  Regulated 10 employees and motivated sales force to increase sales.

·  Trained employees, calculated inventory and performed personal sales with major companies.


EDUCATIONAL      CHAPEL HILL SCHOOL DISTRICT, Lincoln Center & Frank Porter Graham Elementary School, Chapel Hill, NC EXPERIENCE                                            

9/95-5/96                             Externship in School Psychology

·   Observed daily interaction of the child-teacher relationship and studied effective individual and group learning techniques.

·   Applied school psychology knowledge base to various tasks including Assessment, Intervention, Consultation, and


·   Administered various educational and achievement tests to identify at risk students, and consulted with various school personal

      for implementation of Special Interventions as needed.


                                             COLONIE HIGH SCHOOL Colonie, N.Y.

Fall 92                                 Internship with Colonie High School Basketball Program

·   Observed players and coach, to learn how to effectively motivate people.

·   Implemented coaching theories.



HONORS                 · Graduated Cum Laude

                                        · Elected to Golden Key National Honors Society

                                        · Dean's List of Distinguished Students

                                        · Elected Student Representative of Class


PROFESSIONAL              y American Psychological Association (APA), Member



PUBLICATIONS             Goldberg, N. A., & Blackman, J.  (in progress).  Main contributions from psychoanalytic theory on self and object relations, and their relationship to love, marriage, and relational difficulties. 


                                             Epstein, J., Goldberg, N.A., & Conners, C. K., March, J.  (1997).  The effects of anxiety on continuous performance test functioning in an ADHD clinic sample.  Journal of Attention Deficit Disorders, 2(1), 45-52. 


                                             Hall, M. M., Goldberg, N., & Scandlin, D.  (1996).  A Guide to Disability Databases.

                                             Published by Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center, disseminated by NC State Department of Health and Center for Disease

                                             Control, Atlanta, GA.


TRAINING           · Strategic Family Therapy in the Millennium - Application of That Theory to Treating Violent Individuals Who Abuse Adults and\

   Children and the Treatment of Their Victims (4/6/0). 

·  Multisystems Therapy Workshop: An Intensive Community & Outcome based treatment for Victims of     Child Abuse (10/6/00,

     Scott W. Henggeler, Ph.D., & Cynthia C. Swenson, Ph.D.)

· Seminar: Supervision in Clinical Training (4/7/00, Thomas H. Peake, Ph.D.) 

· Exploring the Spiritual Dimensions of Death, Grief and Mourning (3/2/00, Alan D. Wolfelt, Ph.D.)  

· Mandt Training, Eastern State Hospital (5/99)  

· Certified in American Red Cross and CPR (3/04)

· Supervisory Training at Hunter College for Social Work

· Nonviolent Crisis Intervention through the National Crisis Prevention Institution (formerly S.K.I.P.)

· New York State Coaching Certification (1993)

· 160 hours of Training in Crisis Intervention Counseling at Middle Earth Crisis Center




                                             Transition to a New Place: An Interactive Discussion.  Presented at the College of William &Mary (9/5/00)

                                             Develop & Market your Mental Health Practice. Presented at Eastern Virginia Medical School (7/18/00)

                                             Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Presented at Eastern Virginia Medical School (11/12/99)

                                             Conference presentation for Outcome data for the Willie M Program, Simple Checklist (5/98)